I <3 Tech Support

Posted on: 25 January, 09

It has become painfully apparent that we need to reload the operating system on my computer.  I am choosing to blame Apple and iTunes, though, in all honesty, my computer has been acting snarky for a while.  I wanted to upload some new music and podcasts to my mp3 player.  Usually, it is a simple drag and drop process.  Eighth graders give me less backtalk than I got from my computer. 

Hubski was fishing for Valentine’s Day gift ideas.  I told him what I really, really wanted was for him to reload my computer, including backing up data, and reinstalling all of programs.  While I am out running errands one day, just deal with the whole mess for me.  He has a huge project at work right now, but should be done by Valentine’s Day.  He has promised to spend that weekend teaching my computer some manners.  That will make me far happier than getting chocolates or flowers. 


1 Response to "I <3 Tech Support"

Computers can be such a PITA. So nice that you have someone who not only can work with it but *will*.

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