Posted on: 27 January, 09

As I walked towards my car in the school parking lot, I pressed the unlock button the remote.  I thought it was odd that I did hear the “click, click,” but I pulled on the door handle anyway.  Nothing.  I press the remote again.  Still no “click, click,” but I pull on the door handle anyway.  Thinking the battery in the remote must be dead, I put my key in the lock.  Nothing….because it was not my car.  You would have thought the booster seats in the back seat would have been my first clue. 

Another teacher has the exact same car as I do.  Ok, his car has fewer dings in the doors than mine….and booster seats.   Being twins makes it a little confusing in the parking lot.  The license plate is usually a tip off, however, today, I looked at the back of the car, noticing how I need to wash off the salt, and did not even register that the license plate was not mine. 

I am choosing to blame it on the cold.  It was that misty, cold rain and 35 degrees.  If it is going to be that cold, anything falling out of the sky should be snow because at least it would be pretty. 


4 Responses to "Twins"

This is great. I needed something like this, this morning. It gave me a good laugh.

Hey! the knee must be much better if you’re subbing again!

I don’t feel so bad now A few months ago I got a new car. The second day that had it I went shopping, came out of the store pushing my cart (knowing roughly where I parked) and there were several cars that looked similar to mine. I actually stood there turning around in a circle laughing! I did finally figure it out and when I got home and told dh he asked me why I didn’t use the horn on the remote!

Haven’t lost it since, thank goodness!

I not only confused an identical car for mine one day… my key actually worked in their lock and I got in. Then I smelled the cigarette smoke, and thought “…what the… where did these things come from?” and realized… not my car!

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