‘Tis the Season

Posted on: 28 January, 09

As soon as I saw this dress, the first thought that popped into my head was “Christmas tree.”  The silhouette is exactly the same as a Christmas tree. What woman wants that shape?  What are these designers thinking?!?!  This is the first pattern that comes up on the website for the new season.  When I saw it, I knew it was not a good omen for the rest of the collection.


Overall, the Spring 2009 Butterick collection is a snore.  There are few patterns that will probably look good when made up in the right fabrics.  Like the Vogue collection, there is nothing that has me racing to the fabric store. 

This jacket group is cute.  It is still the cropped jacket we have seen for the last few seasons, but the seaming makes this one a little different.  It doesn’t come in a size 4 and I don’t love it enough to go through the trouble of grading it down that much or drafting it from scratch.  If you make it, I would love to see a photo.


There are a couple of patterns for honest-to-goodness caftans and muumuus.  I have no doubt these would be blissfully comfortable to wear around the house.  Please, fashion gods, do not let this become a fashion people wear out in public.  If you are a larger lady, draping yourself in yards and yards of floating fabric does you no favors.  You are not hiding anything.  In fact, it makes you look larger.  Wearing something that has a shape, gives you a shape.  Is “tent shape” really what you are going for?  Didn’t think so.  Step away from the muumuu. 


6 Responses to "‘Tis the Season"

Your comment on the pattern is interesting. Imagine “C” with a pleated surplice top above the empire layers. Yup, that’s my dress, and I love it.

I guess I’m one of the strange ones.

Oh goodness, you are right. It is a terrible dress, even on the skinny model.

I’m with you on the Christmas tree thing. There are a couple of patterns that look great, but they’ve put a dark horizontal band along the hem (5317, 5307)–not a good look for anyone. A couple other patterns for great dresses with clunky jackets (5308, 5309).

Do you ever wonder what the models think when they’re on their way to a pattern company shoot? ‘Please let me get the pretty patterns–don’t make me have to wear the tents!’

The jacket pattern I like is 5333, and that made me look at the dress pattern in the same envelope. I’m not sure I can pull it off, but I still like the jacket. And this one goes all the way down to 6 (for you, not me).

I also like the two bag patterns, 5338 and 5312.

Thanks for the new patterns heads up!

(Do you suppose McCalls/Butterick will ever get a cool pattern site interface like Simplicity?!?!)

Yes, step away from the muumuus! lol I too like the jacket you pointed out, but I doubt I’ll buy it. I’m on a “use what I have” mission and heaven knows I have plenty to use with all the Burda & Ottobre mags I have in my “collection”. 🙂

I do like the jacket very much. Wonder if it would look good on a full-busted woman.

I guess I’m one of the strange ones too because I like view B.

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