Hope Springs Eternal

Posted on: 29 January, 09

My love of Tim Gunn has been well documented on this blog.  Isaac Mizrahi is another long standing fashion crush of mine.  Imagine my glee when I learned that Tim and Isaac joined forces to revamp the staid Liz Claiborne line.  Squee!  Tim joined Liz Claiborne last year as chief creative officer.  He quickly recognized the company needed to be brought into the 21st century.  He brought in Isaac who has produced a spring line that is fresh, but still in keeping with the tradition of Liz Claiborne.  I think the names, Gunn & Mizrahi, will attract a younger audience, but the styles will keep them coming back.

Take a look at the new spring line for Liz Claiborne.

The styles are not crazy, over the top, headline grabbers. They are clothes that many women could wear.  I love the bright yellow and navy.  Sadly, yellow is not a great color my skin tone.  However, I think I could pull off that mango-ish color.  I love, love, love the navy eyelet dress.  Off to search for navy eyelet…..


5 Responses to "Hope Springs Eternal"

I like the pinks and the print sweaters. I also like the opposite polka dots on the twin set. You are right- it is all very sharp and wearable. I have some eyelet in my stash. It could be a dress or a blouse before spring.

Teri I agree….a great spring line….very “wearable”. I love the classic colors with splashes of brights. Thanks for the link!

Oooh, I was loving the navy eyelet dress as well. And strangely enough, I was planning an outfit last night and considering a yellow and black combo… ha! I’m a fashion predictor. (Not.)

Oh – there are some really cute things in that collection! I have navy eyelett I bought when I met Carolyn last April. I’m gonna have to cut it. g

I love the jeans suit, and my goodness those are some serious bell bottoms, but you are right the whole line is made up of basics, and cute colors. Very cute. Now let’s hope the quality is great. I love what Isaac did for Target but the quality was terrible.

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