In the Mood

Posted on: 2 February, 09

Mood fabrics was positively overwhelming. It looks exactly like it does on Project Runway.  Fabric is crammed in every nook and cranny.  It is also very expensive.  On Project Runway, I always thought the $100 to $200 the contestants got for each challenge was a reasonable amount of money.  After seeing the prices at Mood, I am very impressed with their shopping skills.  Navigating that store in 30 minutes also speaks highly of their skills.  However, if I ever went on Project Runway, I would spend quite a bit of time learning the layout and inventory of Mood Fabrics before filming the show.

The inventory was way more upscale than I need.  There were lots of silks and wools.  There was a good selection of solid colored knits, but I was not impressed with the quality.  The printed knits were not very attractive.  I wanted to buy something at Mood.  I almost lost hope of finding anything truly special, when I stumbled across this rather unusual fabric amongst the eyelets.  It has the open spaces, like eyelet, but I was positively smitten with the geometric design.  I am not entirely sure what I will do with it.  A simple summer top or a skirt with solid black insets, yoke, or something.  It could also be the accent on a solid black dress.  The price prevented me from buying yards, but I really think it will be more effective in smaller doses.

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3 Responses to "In the Mood"

Teri….love that fabric! I know you will find the perfect style to make with it….you have a wonderful talent for pairing fabrics with the right fashion silhouettes!

Oh Teri, it sounds like you had fun. I would make a jacket. It reminds me of the Georgio Armani collection. I have seen the jackets at Neiman. Cute little cropped jacket to show off your tiny little waist. LOL.

[…] my time by sketching and planning some sewing projects.  At Mood Fabrics, I picked up a very unusual fabric with no clear of what I would do with it.  I finally decided that it should be a jacket, but […]

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