Traffic Alert

Posted on: 3 February, 09

J starts the actual driving part of driver’s ed this weekend.  I cannot imagine being a driving instructor.  They must eat valium like it’s candy. 


2 Responses to "Traffic Alert"

Can you imagine the job position description for a driving instruction? “Requires nerves of steel, valium prescription optional but highly recommended. Must be able to tolerage being knocked around a little bit.”

All this aside I’ll bet J is ecstatic to be at this portion of driver’s ed right now.

We just signed my dd up for High School classes for next year and really didn’t even consider the driver’s ed elective. She won’t be able to do drivers ed until she’s 15 but then she turns 15 two months into the year. Might have been a good elective to take. I’m not sure if she would desire debate or drivers ed more at this point in time. She’s not all that focussd on wanting to learn to drive. She gets her lawnmower time so maybe that’s her intro to drivers ed. LOL.

Teri, I think that is a bias strip of fabric with a piece of ribbon.

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