Plan A & B

Posted on: 4 February, 09

The plan was to post photos of the pants I made using the jeans pattern from the newest issue of Ottobre.  The photos were dreadful, chock full of weird twisting, poor lighting, terrible framing.  The pants actually look good on me.  Way better than the photos would lead you to believe.  I will attempt another photo session. 

In the meantime, I shall leave you with this lovely photo by Gretelies.  I love this top and want to recreate it very soon.  The embroidery on the sleeves is lovely, but I am not really an embroidery kind of girl.  The color combination is outstanding.  I see no reason why I cannot hack an Ottobre wrap top with a raglan sleeve top. 

I do not have anything that resembles the striped trim.  It looks like she sewed together two different colored ribbons to create a two toned trim.  That part will require more thought.  Something will come to me…probably in the middle of the night. 


5 Responses to "Plan A & B"

That is a great top, thanks for sharing the link.

I wonder if the trim is a striped knit fabric cut just so. The edges appear to kind of ripple like the edges of the blue fabric, like an unfinished knit. The neckline and sleeves just appear to have less green on them than the belt. I too like this top.

Good luck on the pants photo shoot.

I know all about photo sessions that just don’t lead to a posting – though, at the moment, that is mainly due to the lighting here. I can’t wait for the sun to come back… The top is beautiful, I’ll be looking forward to your hack! πŸ™‚

I love how she sews. I gather the ribbons is made up of a green grosgrain and a small turquoise 1/4″ ribbon sewn on top. All the german ladies do that.
Lovely top, and the colors are gorgeous too. Jeans and dark pants are hard to photograph. Take the picture outside if possible like Lori does. Of course, only when the temperatures are more then 50 degrees please. I want to see the picture, but please don’t catch a cold in the process. I don’t know about you, but I woke up to a whopping 18 degrees this morning. Brrrrrr.

I love this! can’t wait to see your version.

I know how difficult it is to take pictures in winter. So frustrating!

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