Book Time!

Posted on: 5 February, 09

Remember books?  It has been a long time since I have shared any thoughts on books.  The biggest reason for that is nothing has really knocked my socks off lately.  Everything has been good, but not great…or even really terrible. 

Trans-Sister Radio by Chirs Bohjalian

A schoolteacher falls for a college professor.  He seems like the perfect guy, sensitive, caring, gentle.  Of course, he is too good to be true.  He breaks the news to her that he is about to undergo gender reassignment surgery.  Yep, that will put a damper on a relationship.  Part of her hopes he will change his mind at the last minute.  Part of her wants to be supportive. 

The book is a very interesting look at gender reassignment.  The reader gets to see how such a personal decision affects a wide circle of people.  Some of the characters were unrealistically sympathetic, but most were very believable and complex. 

While the topic is controversial, the characters are wonderful.  Despite the subject matter, the book is not overly graphic or objectionable.  It is definitely a love story.  How much would you give up for the one you love? 

2 Responses to "Book Time!"

I’ve seen that title before recently. Might have to try it. I just finished the book “Off Season” by Anne Rivers Siddons. It was a fantastic book and when I finished it I wished I had someone who had read it to discuss it with. I highly recommend it.

I’m taking your word for it. I just put a hold on it at my local library. The cover looks a little different from my typical holds: sewing, knitting, music, children’s books. Maybe it will stir the librarians up a bit –eg–

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