Office Supply Love

Posted on: 6 February, 09

It is no secret I have a bizarre affection for office supplies.  The heart is my favorite shape.  It is symmetrical and it is not, sort of like me.  Heart shaped office supplies put me over the moon.  How About Orange has a quick tutorial on making heart shaped paper clips.  It is incredibly easy.  Yes, every paper clip in my desk drawer is now heart shaped.  It has taken a great deal of self control to not run out to Staples to buy a whole box of pink paper clips. 


5 Responses to "Office Supply Love"

I love office supply stores. they are the best and those heart shaped paper clips – guess what I’ll be doing on Monday? g

Oh I love it. Have to bookmark this one! Thanks Teri.

I sent a link to your post to my DIL–she LOVES office stuff and thought it was awesome as well! How cute and fun!

[…] Teri posted a fantastic blog entry about making heart shaped paper clips. ย Please check it out on Mermaids. […]

We used to make these hearts when we were at school! And I love office supplies too ๐Ÿ™‚

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