Springtime in Paris

Posted on: 7 February, 09

Ok, so I don’t live in Paris…but it definitely felt like springtime around here.  Seventy one degrees.  Awesome.  Rumor has that the next week to ten days could be blissfully warmer than normal.  Did I get to enjoy this meteorological treat?  No.  I spent the day playing chauffeur.  At least, I did not have to lug around a big jacket all day.  This evening, I cleaned up my cutting table.  Hopefully, some sewing will happen tomorrow.  The new issue of Ottobre Woman is due in a week or so and there are many things I still have not made from the last issue. 


5 Responses to "Springtime in Paris"

Lucky you! The weather guys just said “lowland snow” starting tomorrow through Tuesday. Ugh. Not looking forward to that. At least this time around I have good tires, so hopefully I won’t be stuck at home all the time.

We have had two days of 60 degrees, it was wonderful.

Ack! Another issue already? But the last issue was The Best Ever, and I’m not nearly finished with it!

We had record high temps on Saturday — what a treat.

Me too! 71 degrees, and today a record 80. I have put away the velour and velvet for some beautiful spring cottons. Spent all day copying patterns yesterday, so I can cut and then sew.

Well, happy spring to you then! I just saw on the weather forecast this morning, that we’re in for a few days of snow. We haven’t had much snow, but honestly, at this time, I could do without! Snow should be here in December to make Christmas look good – in February I’m headed towards spring… ๐Ÿ˜‰

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