Blue Period

Posted on: 8 February, 09

I cannot share what I am currently sewing because it is a gift.  The fabric is a joy to sew.  The pattern is an oldie, but goodie.  Even though I have made a million times, I still enjoy sewing it. 

Until I can share details of my current project, here is the fabric I bought in New York. 

Starting on the left hand side, the first fabric is a navy blue eyelet.  It is gorgeous.  The navy is deep and rich.  The fabric is substantial, not like those flimsy eyelets one finds at JoAnn Fabrics.  My plan is to make it into a dress for the summer. 

The next fabric is a silk charmeuse.  I know I told Hubski “no more silk from Asia” because I have enough. This one was just too pretty to leave behind.  The photo does not do the colors justice.  Its shades of blue and aqua remind me of the sea.  My intention was to make a top, but they were generous enough with the cut that I might have enough for a dress. 

The third fabric is a bit of mystery.  The store owner was not sure of the content.  It feels like a silk blend, maybe with a very lightweight wool.  I could do a burn test to be sure, but I ran it through the laundry instead.  It survived the laundry just fine.  This will definitely be pants.  Again, thanks to a generous cut, I might have enough left over for a pencil skirt.  I think it looks lovely with the fabrics on either side. 

Last, but not least, is another mystery fabric.  It is a darker teal with a bit of navy and brick red.  The slightly ethnic look is what caught my eye.  It could be a jacket, shirt, skirt….not sure yet. 

It was not until I returned to the hotel and laid out my purchases that I noticed everything was blue.  Like Picasso, am I going through a blue period?  Hopefully, the new Ottobre Woman will have something fabulous for these fabrics. 


5 Responses to "Blue Period"

Oh the possibilities with these beautiful fabrics!

Oh, how lovely. I love the eyelet and the silk wool blend. Absolutely gorgeous. Just imagine the combinations you can make. YUM!

Nice coordinates! 🙂
I’ve got some fabric waiting for that new issue too. . .

Pretty! When were you in NY? I missed that!

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