R.I.P. Trees

Posted on: 10 February, 09

My hospital must hate trees.  Every time I make an appointment, they send me a letter to confirm the appointment.  A few days ago, I scheduled my next six physical therapy appointments.  This was in my mailbox today:

Six letters for six appointments.  Each letter is two pages.  Yes, two pages to tell me I have another physical therapy appoint on Tuesday at 11:00.  Really?  Two entire pages to tell me that?  I have no idea why they could not put all of the appointments in one letter.  They must hate trees and enjoy paying lots of postage. 

It gets even better.  When I make an appointment with my surgeon, I get two letters to confirm my appointment.  Two letters on the same day for the same appointment.  I guess the surgeon is so special they sacrifice more trees in his honor. 

It is now my personal mission to track down the person at the hospital who has some control over this.  The phone call reminders would be adequate for me.  An email reminder would be infinitely better than the letter…and it would save a forest or two.  Given how many appointments are made every day at this huge hospital, I weep for the trees that are being needlessly slaughtered. 

Why is my crackberry in the photo?  Because it is so pretty?  Ok, in addition to being adorable, it is covering up the address information so internet creepies can’t find me.  


4 Responses to "R.I.P. Trees"

I assumed the crackberry was there to illustrate that you put the appointment in your calendar upon making the actual appointment. Which is what I do with my Palm.

I’m left wondering why it’s okay for a dentist to send a postcard (easily read) with an appointment date and time on it, and yet if a hospital or doctor’s office did it, it’d probably be a HIPAA violation. Maybe the dentist is in violation? maybe it isn’t one after all? but postcards would sure be easier on everyone than multi-page letters that probably don’t get opened anyways.

At least they don’t around here.

An insurance provider I used to have did a similar thing. For every claim processed they used up two or three pieces of paper. The first piece of paper was almost entirely blank except for my name and address. Seriously. And they wonder why health care is so expensive? Because they keep wasting paper, ink, glue, and electricty required to process all this useless junk mail.

Your crackberry *is* very pretty, though. 😉

I guess this is one of the reasons hospitals spend so much money. The other day I stopped off to pay a co-pay and the woman printed a whole page of stickers with my address on in order to use 2-3. No, she didn’t want me to take the sheet with me, they printed a whole sheet on the other end too. Can’t imagine they were close to needing all those there either.

I am so with you on this one! Please keep us posted on whether you actually manage to find someone who admits responsibility for this!

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