Cross Your Fingers

Posted on: 13 February, 09

My computer has been a snarky teenager for quite sometime now.  It needs a serious attitude adjustment.  Hubski and I are going to reload the operating system tomorrow.  I spent this evening cleaning up files and backing up all the data.  This project is Hubski’s Valentine’s Day present to me.  To have my computer behaving nicely is way better than chocolates.  He came home from a week in Las Vegas with a wicked cold.  I feel a tiny bit bad about asking him to do such a wretched task when he is not feeling well, but I can’t go through another week with an obstinate computer. 

If there is no post from me tomorrow, one of two things happened.  Hubski threw my computer out the window because it was so aggravating.  Hubski and I have killed each other trying to work on this project together. 

My hope is that Hubski will work on the computer while I sew.  What are the odds of that happening?

2 Responses to "Cross Your Fingers"

Wow – we do that once in a while as well, and it takes forever to get it back to normal – but it’s still worth it! Have a nice work day tomorrow! πŸ™‚

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