Communication Breakdown

Posted on: 16 February, 09

I need some help, folks.  What part of “You may not talk during the test” is unclear?  Vague?  Ambiguous?  Open to interpretation?  I thought it was a pretty clear direction.  Apparently, I was wrong.


8 Responses to "Communication Breakdown"

The “you” part. Me? I thought you were talking to someone else. Kids don’t want to take responsibility for themselves. 🙂

LOL, perhaps they felt it was so easy that it didn’t really qualify as a test?

Isn’t that so aggravating? No suggestion here but I feel your frustration.

teri, don’t you know today’s kids dont understand verbal instructions? you should have texted the instructions to them! LOL

LOL, Teri! Well, according to my 4-year old, everything is open to interpretation, vague, and unclear! 🙂

Directions only work if they have their “listening ears” on…

Aaah, that drives me totally mad too. Once they’ve seen how nasty I can be if they talk during a test, though, they never do it again.

Gosh, I’m afraid that last comment might come out as a little smug or something, which isn’t what I meant at all. I just meant that I’m usually pretty tolerant – which is why my students are really stunned to see how really nasty I can become in those circumstances. Cheating or talking during a test is one of the very few things that can make me totally furious.

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