Posted on: 17 February, 09

This morning I had an appointment to have some lab work done.  It was a fasting lab.  Twelve hours without food.  Please.  I am the girl who wakes up at 4 a.m. to eat a snack.  I must have looked bad because as soon as the nurse called me back, she asked, “Are you okay?  Do you need to lie down?”  With snacks and juice in my bag, I assured her it would be fine.  After she unsuccessfully jabbed my left arm 500 times, she got my right arm on the 499th attempt.  Then she filled up about 1,000 little vials.  I could be a little off on the actual count.  Once she taped on my smiley face bandage, I stood up to retrieve my snacks from my bag… the room went dark… and I hit the floor. 

The whole “smelling salts, have some juice, no you can’t leave until your blood pressure is up” scenario meant I was late for my physical therapy appointment.  After looking at my chart, the nurse finally accepted that 70/40 *is* my normal blood pressure.  The physio office was running behind due to a little issue with a woman and an oxygen tank.  Which meant I had to dash back across town with an ice pack taped to my knee so I could get to school in time to teach fourth period.  (It is my left knee, so all was safe for driving.) 

I taught the rest of the day, snacking the whole time because I had to make up for twelve hours of not eating.  The afternoon was spent chauffeuring and proof reading term papers, but not simultaneously. 

Once the dinner dishes were cleared, it occurred to me that the exhaustion I was feeling was not simply due to the day’s events.  Methinks something evil is brewing within. 


5 Responses to "Thud"

If it makes you feel any better, my mom and sister faint everytime “blood” is taken or seen. No lie. Hope you are incorrect as far as the “evil thing”, because this bug is no fun. Take care of yourself. Rest, Rest, rest……

Oh Teri…take care of yourself…rest…eat….!

I’m totally like you – have to eat little at a time, but often, or I’ll feel seriously close to fainting. Really empathize here! What a day you had.
I do hope you were simply tired though – nothing more serious 🙂

You know, sometimes I think it’s a little creepy how much we have in common: both small, with a history of insomnia, both teachers… and the list goes on.

You poor girl – hope today goes better!

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