Danke, Ottobre!

Posted on: 19 February, 09

Once a month, due to a very complicated scheduling issue, I cover the last period of the day for the German teacher.  Today was the first time I had this particular group of sixth graders because the classes changed with the new start of the new semester a few weeks ago.  Knowing that I do not speak German, the teacher always leaves an easy lesson plan, like a worksheet that reviews what they learned the day before.  They are allowed to work in pairs to further reduce the odds of them asking me for help.  Today, the students were really struggling with the material.  I took a deep breath as I began to read the worksheet.  Lo and behold, I recognized words!!  Yes, my days of trying decipher early issues of Ottobre taught me a little German.  I did not know how to really pronounce any of it, but I could definitely pick apart some of the words to get a general meaning.  Those little sixth graders now look at me in awe.  β€œShe even knows German.  She knows everything.” 

When I cover his class again next month, I should bring in one of my back issues of Ottobre and pretend to read it.  Or get them to help me translate it. 

6 Responses to "Danke, Ottobre!"

That is too funny! Sewing is useful for so many things.

I just had to pipe in and say that is the sign of a really a great teacher. And, translating something from real life – does it get any better than that? Bring it in to them! I think you’re awesome too!


I got a good laugh out of this one. Great work Teacher Teri.

LOL – see? There’s no end to all the good Ottobre does… πŸ˜‰

I concur…she knows everything!!! πŸ™‚

Those little sixth graders now look at me in awe. β€œShe even knows German. She knows everything.”


too funny!!!

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