Doll Face

Posted on: 21 February, 09

When we went to Chicago, I forced Hubski and the boys into the American Girl Store.  I was secretly hoping Hubski would be intoxicated by all the cuteness and buy me a doll.  No such luck.  If I had flat out asked for one, he would have bought it.  I did not ask because it seemed so indulgent.  I have a hard time spending money on myself, but if he “offered,” how could I refuse?  Well, subtly does not work on Hubski.  If there had been time to go the American Girl Store in NYC, there is a good chance I would have left with a doll.  It was already an indulgent trip.  She would have been my souvenir of the trip. 

All this time, I thought I wanted Ivy.  She is the Chinese-American friend of Julie, girl of the 1970’s.  For a very long time, I wanted to adopt a baby girl from China.  There is a whole list of reasons, from political to purely emotional.  For a whole list of reasons, it never happened.  Ivy is what I imagined that little girl might look like one day. 

Today, while emailing with Sue about dolls, I looked at the AG site again and saw Sonali.  She is the friend of Chrissa, the newest “Girl of the Year.”  Chrissa has been getting lots of press on the sewing groups and blogs because Chrissa has a craft room, complete with sewing machine.  Chrissa is cute, but Sonali is stunning.  She has gorgeous dark, thick hair and caramel skin.  According to her “bio,” she is of Indian descent. 

As I scrolled through the dolls, I noticed that all of my favorite dolls are the more ethnically diverse dolls.  Marisol is Hispanic and loves to dance.  Josephina is the historical doll from Mexico.  Kaya is the American Indian doll.  Jess McConnell is another Girl of the Year doll who is of mixed heritage, Japanese-American and Irish.  The blonde hair and blue eyed dolls are pretty, but do not captivate me.  The others have a more interesting look.  To me, they look more like the children I see every day. 

I am very tempted to just order one for myself.  I cannot give a logical explanation for my obsession with dolls, other than it has been with me as long as I can remember.  I first learned to sew by sewing clothes for my dolls with scraps leftover from my grandmother’s projects.  As well as an early creative outlet, my dolls were an escape from reality.  I am no longer looking for an escape from reality, but dolls still hold a special place in my heart. 

My only fear is that I won’t be able to stop at just one doll.  I run the risk of becoming the Crazy Doll Lady.  You know the one… children have moved out, converts their bedrooms into doll rooms, number of dolls reaches triple digits… 

Am I nuts?  Which one would choose?  Do I need to get a grown up life?


13 Responses to "Doll Face"

No, you’re not crazy. If you can afford it and can’t decide which doll, buy both! You’ll have a head start on your Crazy Doll Lady days, which is much, much better than being a Crazy Cat (or Dog) Lady, because your house won’t smell awful.
p.s. I like Ivy.

ROFL. Yes, dolls *do* smell better than a cat box.

Teri — get yourself a doll! Get two or three — whatever makes you happy — you earned them, you deserve them. More important — I give you PERMISSION to buy yourself the dolls of your dreams! (Now go do it!)

If you had an AG doll, you’d have use for all those scraps of fabric you generate now — you’d use them to make doll clothes.

Come to think of it, though, if you start making matching outfits for yourself and your doll, you really WOULD be that Crazy Doll Lady.

You’re always welcome to come visit here. We have at least 5 AG dolls currently.

Reply to GailV: If I started making matching doll outfits, Hubski would cart me off to the nearest psych ward. 5 dolls! That would be too much fun.

Oh I LOVE dolls too! As a little girl, I’ve loved dolls. When I go shopping, my boys know that before we leave the store, I have to make a trip down the doll isle. I have one AG doll that I bought at a garage sale. My favorites are my Gotz doll and a special doll that Martha Pullen purchased from a lady. The doll was designed by a grandmother for her granddaughter to learn how to be a young lady. There is a very preciious story that came with the doll. She is the loveliest doll with exquisite clothes. Every christmas eve when I put the presents under the tree, I always add my special doll because every christmas tree should have a doll under it. Even in a house with all boys.

Teri, get yourself a doll!!! Especially if you don’t have a daughter. My girls both have AG dolls although it’s my younger one that loves her dolls. She has a Martha Pullen baby doll that looks real. I’ve used her to model some of my Ottobre clothes when I’m making stuff for baby gifts. I love to just carry her around the house. I love making clothes for them too. It’s a great way to use up scraps. Plus you never know…you might have a granddaughter someday that thinks you’re SO cool because you have a house full of dollies!!!

I think you need to come back to DC and we’ll catch the Chinatown bus ($35 round trip DC-NYC) for a day of AG-land! With a side trip to Mood Fabrics, of course!

AG dolls ARE an addiction (my daughter has 6). But they’re a good addiction, and I see them all the time on ebay when adult collectors are selling off their collections. So they’re not just for kids. And anyway, everyone should have a piece of “little kid”left inside them. I think it’s what allows us to continue to take joy in simple things. Like a doll.

Go ahead and buy a doll. I bought my dgd a Martha Pullen doll and she loves it even though by *everyone’s* standards she’s too *old* for dolls. Poppycock!! Anyhoo, she treasures it, loves to make clothes – mostly cutting shapes and tying them creatively, and really wants a Canadian version. They are called “Maplelea Dolls” and there are some iconic Canadian characteristics. A French Canadian doll who plays hockey and loves poutine! I love that they are more pertinent to Canadian children.
I find myself pulling out her doll whenever I visit and imagine things that we could make. This summer we will definitely have to do some more doll sewing.
Go for it teri. It’s important to nurture the female sensitivities when you are in a houseful of boys/men. My dd has 5 boys and a step-son. She’s drowning in testosterone and all the other stuff that teenagers, pre-teans, 3 year olds and a newborn add to the mix. And I love the way Tim Gunn speaks also. I find myself hearing his voice in my head at the craziest times. His and Heidi Klum’s. LOL

I wish I WAS a doll person… I have my Mom’s doll collection from her childhood. All these wonderful small 40’s style dolls… they’re wonderful! But… I don’t know what to do with them. Even if we had the display space, I’m just not a doll person. So the poor cute things lie carefully wrapped in acid free paper in an acid free box.
If dolls give you pleasure then you should go for it! Let them be a display of fun.

Go for the doll – even two. I’ve been a doll nut all my life, much to the amusement of all the rest of my family who couldn’t quite get it about me and my dolls. I’ve quietly added to my collection since childhood, for a long time I couldn’t afford to, but now I’ve got two girls of my own, I’ve brought out the sewing machine again and started to have fun again – see I know the collection will grow some more, we won’t go overboard because I can’t afford every doll out there, but I have my favourites of ones still to get for me and my girls.

Get the doll and be kind to yourself! Just found your blog and am enjoying it. I also grew up in that era, but didn’t like dolls! Now that my daughter is 17 and done with her AG friends for the moment, I felt a compulsion to sew for them. And am having a great time doing so! So age is just irrelevant, apparently. Hope you have a great time.

you should buy a doll.I have 4 plus a bitty baby and a bitty twin.Im not a crazy doll lady. My sister has 4 and a bitty. AND AND 2 non ag dolls plus the bitty twin is no from ag but she is good the oter ones are not. so buy a doll

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