Big Girl Pants

Posted on: 25 February, 09

Earlier this evening, I was IMing with a friend, trying to work up the ambition to go to a meeting. 

me:  i would have to put on real pants. that’s the biggest problem.

friend:  sadly, sometimes it is the biggest problem

me:  if i could go in lounge pants, i’d be there

friend:  why can’t you? your lounge pants look nice

me:  not the hello kitty ones that i’m wearing

friend:  yeah, not those

In the end, I put on big girl pants and went to the meeting.  In the end, it was good that I went.  The topic was “twice exceptional students”, students who are both academically gifted and face some sort of learning or physical disability.  Yes, a child can be ADD, dyslexic, or blind and still be academically gifted.  Schools have services for academically gifted students and they have services for learning disable or physically disable students, but the students who fall into both groups do not fit into either group.  The purpose of the meeting was to help the school district figure out how to best serve these students.  There is a great deal of work to be done, but I am thrilled that our district even recognizes that these students exist. 

To bring attention to the needs of these students, it was worth the effort of putting on pants. 


3 Responses to "Big Girl Pants"

This is so true! I wish more things were done along these lines over here.

(I do love your education-oriented posts.)

Reply to Isabelle: thank you! I think people who are not in the education field don’t always understand the challenges teachers and students face. Hopefully my little blog will help “educate” a few people. If more people understand the needs, then, perhaps changes will happen.

I have one of those kids! Our schools are not as progressive as your school district.Do you have resources for parents and educators of these kinds of children?

I try to advocate on his behave, but need the background and lingo.


Risa J

Reply to Risa: The lack of resources is part of the problem we were discussing at this meeting. Here is a good place to start: Its primary focus is gifted ed, but there is also some information on 2E. Under “mailing list,” there is a group called TAGFAM. Again, it is mostly regular gifted ed, but lots of members have 2E children.

We have been very fortunate to have teachers who are supportive and willing to do anything to help my son. But everything has been “on the job training.” Our district is trying to write procedures about dealing with 2E students. They hope to not only improve what is already happening, but also provide leadership to other districts. This is a very untapped area of education.

I would be happy to answer any specific questions you have and share more of our journey. Feel free to email me.

Thank you so much for the link. It is great to be able to characterize my son. 2E. Yes, it is a journey and an interesting one at that. I would like to share/learn more with you but don’t know how to get your email address.

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