Those Who Can’t, Blog

Posted on: 26 February, 09

I have always hated the saying, “Those who can , do, and those who can’t, teach.”  Apparently I am guilty of the corallary, “Those who can, sew, those who can’t find the time, blog about sewing.”  On my way to lunch with a few friends, I saw this dress in a store window. 

My apologies for the photo quality.  I love my Crackberry, but photography is not its forte.  Backlighting and a plate glass window did not help. Anyway, this shop is in a little mall that is a converted mill house.  All of the stores are places where one looks, but never buys.  I wish there had been more time to browse because I always see interesting things in these shops. 

I think I could totally hack this dress.  The wrap style is easy.  Darts were added for shaping, with the top layer of the wrap encased in a dart.  I love the asymmetrical waistline.  The skirt is a woven fabric, but it could be knit also. 

I need to improve my stealth photography skills and return to this little set of shops.  I also need to spend some time sitting in front of my sewing machines. 


3 Responses to "Those Who Can’t, Blog"

What a great dress….and you TOTALLY have the design chops to hack it!

That is lovely! I look forward to hearing how you hack it…

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