OMG! It’s Hello Kitty!

Posted on: 28 February, 09

It has a been a long week at my house… sick teenagers, Hubski in NYC.  I deserved an afternoon of silly, girly fun.  I went to the mall with a friend who wants to “step up” her wardrobe a bit.  As we entered the department store, I squealed, “OMG, It’s Hello Kitty!”  Yes, at the MAC Cosmetics counter was an entire display of Hello Kitty cosmetics.  This was not your little girl, pink and white Hello Kitty lip balm.  No, this was grown up, black and hot pink Hello Kitty lipsticks that cost $28.  Expensive, but awesome!  What was even more awesome was the Hello Kitty dolls they had as decorations:

She is totally fierce in black.  I desperately want one. 

The shopping trip was rather successful.  My friend found some great jeans, a few tops, and a fantastic pink swing jacket, which was marked down from $85 to $15.  There was nothing in my size except for a few ribbed tank tops.  Not that exciting, but I will wear them a lot.  Even though I did not buy much, I came home with lots of ideas about color and lines. 


5 Responses to "OMG! It’s Hello Kitty!"

I saw those yesterday at my Nordstroms and totally thought of you. The kitty doll is for sale – not sure the price. I only buy MAC cosmetics. Their stuff lasts for ever, and if you return six empty products (containers) for recycling, you get a free lipstick. I could have gotten one of those Hello Kitty lipsticks for my free one yesterday, but I chickened out. I don’t know why. Silly me.

Well, at least one of us had fun. I could barely get this bod out of bed, and then I tried to sew, but it took me all day just to finish a few simple tasks. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.

Oddly enough, my 9yo Hello Kitty-maniac daughter wears MAC — it’s the “official” makeup for her ceili team, in which everyone must match perfectly down to the last eyelash. It’s apparently pretty popular in the dance world, and the MAC people at our local counter find themselves doing recital makeup for little girls in the spring.

Anyway, we’re at the counter once a month amassing our supply of eyeshadows , bronzers, blushers, etc. (She needs 4 colors of eyeshadow, etc. etc., and the sticker shock was too much for me, so we buy about $30 worth each month.) I can’t wait to go in for this month’s purchase now.

LOL – did you see this one then:

I can’t quite decide whether it’s cool or incredibly scary… 😀

Reply to Astrid: I agree. I am not sure I like that machine or if it creeps me out. Janome has a little aqua colored Hello Kitty machine that I love.

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