Posted on: 2 March, 09

I wore shorts last Friday.  This is what I woke up to this morning.  It will be 70 degrees again by Friday. 

This is our poor little weeping cherry tree.  It was starting to bud.  Not sure if it will survive the shock of snow.  Heaven knows, I barely survived the shock of snow.

This shot was taken through the kitchen window.  I like the filtering effect of the glass and the pattern of the branches. 

This is our neighborโ€™s yard.  As much as I despise winter, I must admit that the neighborhood looked pretty before everyone started tramping through the snow.  With any luck, it will warm up enough that all of this will be gone by tomorrow afternoon. 

I was not traipsing around in the snow.  My day was spent sewing, reading, and hanging out with my boys.  The jacket I am working on would look fantastic with white jeans.  Bring on the 70 degree weather.  Spring and summer clothes are so much cuter than winter clothes.


5 Responses to "What?"

that’s a lot of snow! i just came back from europe where it was snowing. it doesn’t snow much in Australia where I live, and while I was enchanted with it for the first few hours, once reality hit in, it wasn’t so nice. try getting a car out of a snow filled parking lot that was initially mushy mud to begin with with no chains. fuuuuun

glad you got to stay at home and sew!

Reply to Susanna: I totally agree. Snow is pretty and fun for about 15 minutes, then I am done with it.

LOL ! You got the storm this time and WE didn’t! neener neener neener….tee-hee!

~Pam (whose grass, though brown, is visible under only a tiny bit of snow..but where it’s under 20 degrees…..!)

Oh come on Teri, you know you are a tiny teeny bit excited, otherwise, you would not have taken so many pictures. Your neighborhood looks lovely. I would do anything for the kids to experience it just once. Thanks for the photos.

Oh come on Teri, don’t tell me you were not a teeny tiny bit excited when you saw all this snow, otherwise you would not have taken so many pictures. Your neighborhood looks lovely, and I hope my kids get to experience this just once while they are still young. Thanks for the photos. Even in florida, we woke up to 28 degrees this morning. Supposed to be in the high 70’s this weekend.

Reply to Jeannine: No, there was no love for the snow at all. I was in shock at how much we got. The weathermen always get excited about predicting the “winter storm.” It usually turns out to be a few flakes. I was so sure this one would be nothing, too. Ha! Clearly I was wrong.

I do admit is beautiful when it is fresh and clean. If it just weren’t so cold. ๐Ÿ™‚ It is fun to see little ones enjoying it, especially if they have never seen it before. My boys were never big fans of the snow…or cold. Gee, I wonder where they got that from?

I am trying to play with the camera a bit more to improve my skills.

Teri, do you really despise winter? Looking at your pictures I’m just thinking of that certain silent, peaceful beauty that you don’t get from anything else. The squeaky noise when you walk and all that. It definitely makes me appreciate summer more – I love opposites! ๐Ÿ™‚

Reply to Astrid: The snow is pretty, but if I never saw it again, I would be thrilled. I love wearing dresses, going barefoot, and feeling the warm sun on my skin. I do not enjoy wearing layers and layers of clothing to stay warm. We had a lovely change of weather in the last few days. It is in the upper 60’s today. Bliss. ๐Ÿ™‚

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