The Blue Line

Posted on: 3 March, 09

This shirt was suppose to be a Valentine’s Day gift.  Fortunately, Hubski and I do not feel compelled to follow a calendar too closely.  The important thing is he loves it and it looks great on him. 

The fabric is a fabulously soft cotton from Vogue Fabrics in Chicago.  The colors are great for him.  The pattern is his standard dress shirt pattern that I have been using for years.  It gradually morphs a bit each year to stay in step with the morphing of his body.  I have shown him more interesting design possibilities, but he wants to stick with the basic.  Part of the issue is where he works.  His company had a very long tradition of requiring their employees to wear a white shirt, dark suit, and dark tie.  Yes, they all looked like clones.  They are no longer required to wear suits, but the dress is still fairly conservative.  Also, when he visits client sites, he needs to err on the side of conservative dress. 

During yesterday’s snow day, I started on a jacket for me… and I love it.  If I don’t work tomorrow, I might be able to finish it. 


14 Responses to "The Blue Line"

Wow, you do good work. 🙂

Looks great! Who says gifts have to be on a certain day to be appreciated? 😉
Those are good colors for my sweetie too.

Wonderful shirt.

I love that fabric!!!

That shirt looks great. So professional. I love it.

I love this shirt. I’d wear a blouse made out of that fabric.

Your subject made me think of a much different topic, although I figured two blue lines (or would they be pink?) would have most likely been the title to that though process. I know you wouldn’t be posting about *that* though. LOL.

VERY nice shirt Teri!

…and BTW, stop by my blog to pick up an award…..

If my husband sees this, I’ll never hear the end of it. He’ll want his own and I don’t know that I’m up for it. LOL

Consider me WOW’D. Beautiful work. Love the fabric.

….please stop my blog to collect your “Sisterhood Award” that
I nominated you for at 5am yesterday morning 🙂

Fantastic shirt! wow!

This is fantastic. And I bet he’s the envy of all his colleagues. Beautiful work.

That’s a gorgeous shirt! Wowza! What pattern did it start with?

What a gorgeous shirt!!!

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