Posted on: 7 March, 09

Little Miss Sew N Sew was interviewed on her blog recently.  She asked if any of her readers wanted to be interviewed.  I had so much fun reading her answers that I decided to play along.  If you would like to be interviewed, let me know in a comment.  I will send you some questions which you can answer on your blog. 

Where does your blog name Mermaids come from and what is the significance to you?

Yay!  The first question is an easy one.  When my oldest was just a little tyke, he asked me to tell him about when I was a little girl.  It was a subject I had avoided since my childhood was more Lifetime made for TV movie than a Disney flick.  In a moment of desperation, I told him I once was a mermaid.  He was immediately fascinated.  Thus began stories of my life as mermaid.  The stories were fun and it was a great way to explain why my boys had only one set of grandparents.  It was so easy.  I love the beach, the ocean, and sea creatures, real and mythical.  It all fit.  The hard part was when we had to tell them the truth.  It was worse than discovering the truth about the tooth fairy.  Mermaids and mermaid lore became integral part of our family history.  Sometimes, I still choose to believe that I was once a mermaid.  Fantasy can be so much better than reality.

We’ve read that at times when your Hubski travels, he brings home wonderful pieces of fabric for you.  How does he know what to buy or what you need?

He asks.  :)  I try to give him ideas of colors and things I am interested in sewing.  If he is traveling in the US, he will call me from his cell phone and describe fabrics in the store.  He is getting better at that, but it is always a surprise when I actually see the fabric.  Fortunately, I can be very honest with him about the success of his purchases.  I let him know which ones I like and why.  The why part really helps him figure out what to get next time. 

What is your most favorite garment that you’ve ever sewn – either for yourself or someone else. What about it made it memorable?

I really tried to think of just one special garment.  I made all of my formal gowns and my wedding dress.  Each one was special in its own way.  However, I have made baby outfits, shirts for Hubski, costumes, etc. that pleased me just as much.  I love sewing high constructed garments like a tailored jacket, but I also love making a great fitting tee. 

If you could live and sew in another era (past, present, or future), which one would you choose? 

The ornate, incredibly detailed clothing of the Elizabethan Era would be great fun to sew.  The fabrics were incredible.  However, I would not want to live during that era.  Hygiene habits were disgusting.  I am quite content with the present.  I have great machines, lots of fabric, and a reasonable amount of time to sew.  I am curious about new fabrics of the future.  I am also intrigued by the idea of incorporating technology into clothing.  With a little luck, I will be around long enough to see that become mainstream.

You are an excellent seamstress and everything seems so easily made by you and your craftsmanship is superb. Is there one thing – technique, garment, alteration, pattern, etc – that you find incredibly difficult to master when it comes to sewing?

Oh, it has *all* been difficult at some point, but thank you for the lovely compliment.  Remember, I have been at this almost forty years.  Lots of practice.  Getting pants to fit is challenging for even the most experienced seamstress.  Bulky fabrics give me fits.  I make myself insane trying to match plaids and stripes.  Doll clothes are harder than most people think.  Those tiny little sleeves and necklines are not easy.  I have made just about every mistake there is, but I refuse to let a pattern or fabric beat me.  I won’t give up until I figure out a way to “make it work.”

If you were talking to a young person new to sewing, what is the most important piece of advice you could give them?

Mistakes are design opportunities.  Everyone makes mistakes.  Don’t let a mistake discourage you.  There is always a way to fix it.  Sometimes, mistakes end up being a good thing.  Mistakes can force you to be creative.  Some of my best projects hit some major road bumps along the way.  I wish I had some of my first projects to share, to show that it wasn’t always “easy.”  The key is to learn from those mistakes, and learn how to turn them into a positive. 

Thank you to Little Miss for such great questions!  Very thought provoking.


4 Responses to "Queries"

*clapping hands wildly in delight*

I’m so thrilled to read your answers. How entertaining and enlightening. I particularly like your answer about Mermaids. That one really has had me curious for a loooong time. 🙂

Oh I enjoyed that!

I’ve always wondered about the mermaids too….though I am still curious about “Hello Kitty”……. 🙂

Pam…who’ll play too, if you’d like to send me some questions.

That was very interesting. People have such diverse lives. Everyone needs a little mermaid fantasy now and then.

I bookmarked your blog, thanks for sharing this very interesting post

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