Too Much Time

Posted on: 8 March, 09

Even with the loss of an hour due to daylight savings time, clearly I have too much time on my hands.  My crackberry is now sporting a Hello Kitty theme.

Honestly, it did not take very long to download the new theme.  It took forever to pick a theme.  Hello Kitty is mighty popular among Blackberry users.  Now that I have figured out how to do it, I just might have to download other Hello Kitty themes and change them to match my mood. 

The plan was to do some sewing today.  However, the beautiful weather beckoned me to the outdoors.  We all went out to lunch.  Hubski and I tried to figure out why the garage door was closing properly.  Then we decided to finally rake all the leaves that collected on the front walkway.  It was really just an excuse to be outside for a while.  I did manage to clean up my sewing room so it is ready for a new project… maybe tomorrow, if I don’t get called to work. 

3 Responses to "Too Much Time"

Hmmmmm, I wonder if I can download a theme on my work Blackberry?????? Would they notice?????

Reply to Sue: totally. they will never know. it will make the workday so much more fun.

Very cute! I tell you BB are SOOO fun and addictive! I want the 8900 SO bad lol

Hello Kitty rocks! That is an awesome phone.

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