Fair and Square

Posted on: 10 March, 09

Ottobre deserves a huge “thank you” for creating this pattern.  This neckline is fantastic.  The sewing was incredibly fast.  To get very sharp corners, I sewed the angled seams on the sewing machine instead of the serger.  I used a narrow zig zag, though those particular areas do not need a great deal stretch.  A straight stitch would probably work too.  It might be possible to substitute a woven for the shoulder area and sleeve, if the sleeve were cut a with more ease.  This could create a very interesting look.  Because the neckline does not stretch, a variety of ribbons or trims could be added. 

To achieve the correct bodice length and shape, I merged the pattern with a basic t-shirt pattern.  The piece, #1 was laid on top of the bodice front.  This determined the placement of the shoulder line.  Then I placed the t-shirt pattern on top, matching the shoulder placement.  Carefully, I removed the shoulder piece and folded the excess t-shirt pattern out of the way. Voila!  Now the pattern will taper in at the waist and be the correct length. 

While I am not overly fond of the skirt on this pattern, I adore the neckline.  There is so much potential for contrasting fabrics and trims.  For a dress version, I am considering simply extending the bodice into an A-line skirt.  I also wonder how it would look with the square skirt rotated so it falls as more of a handkerchief hem, like design #16 from the 03/07 issue.  An asymmetrical hem is generally not a good idea for someone as short as I am, but one of you tall girls could give it a try.


10 Responses to "Fair and Square"

Ooh, nice morph with t-shirt – I received this Ottobre yesterday and I was thinking about tweaking that view into a t-shirt, as I really like that neckline but not so much the “skirt”.

Thanks for sharing!

Very cute top.

Lovely top! It looks nice on you. Thanks for writing how you made the pattern into a top.

Thank you for the information on what needs to be stretchy vs. what doesn’t. I think we all like parts of this design — I expect to see a lot of interesting interpretations of it.

Teri..this totally rocks! I can’t wait to make one for myself after seeing yours!

Awesome top – you bet me to it. I’m glad to see how it turned out, I’ll be on one for me very soon.

The neck and shoulders are very flattering, nice work. The skirt on the hanky-hem dress is oriented in the same way, it is just a square, this one is more of a rectangle, longer front to back than side to side (possibly limited by fabric width). Also that one is formed from a single square of fabric with a circle cut from the center which has the effect of pulling the center edges up more dramatically where as this has a straight bodice seam. The rectangle may work better with a knit because it doesn’t draw attention to variation in 4-way stretch.

I LOVE it. Now I have to make one for me!

Beautiful. It is a great color for you too. Good idea on the girls dress.

Great top and idea. I like the Ottobre dress, but am a bit leery of how the hem would actually look on me.

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