Moral Victory

Posted on: 11 March, 09

As I was driving on the interstate today, I saw a car swerving, changing lanes erratically, and doing about 90.  He almost hit me twice.  I strongly suspect he was drunk.  I called 911 and gave his license plate number and description.  Of course, he was way ahead of me because he was doing 90 and I slowed down to get away from him.  A few minutes later, I see that a highway patrol officer had him pulled over on the side of the road.  Yes!  Score one for the good guys.

I have some sewing photos to share, but have just returned from a school meeting.  Five hours.  Yes, you read that correctly.  For the last five hours, I have been sitting on a hard, uncomfortable school chair listening to people talk and talk and talk.  The subject was important.  I just wish people would learn to use less words.  Perhaps I should propose that the next meeting be limited to using haikus. 


3 Responses to "Moral Victory"

Ditto here! I spent 4 hours at a board meeting at the kindergarten last night – haikus would be good – and certainly more poetic. 😉

She sits still waiting,
A meeting with no ending,
Sewing on her mind.

Reply to Pam: You got me into trouble. 🙂 I was giving a test and decided to peek at my email on my blackberry. When I read your comment, I could not suppress my giggle. Of course, the students wanted to know what was so funny. I need to needlepoint that onto a pillow… and bring the pillow with me to the meetings.

Wonderful poem Pam. Strikes a cord.

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