At Last

Posted on: 12 March, 09

I finally got around to taking a photo of these pants.  The pattern is Design #36 from the 01/09 issue of Ottobre Design.  Sorry ladies, this is a children’s pattern. 

At times, being small frustrates me, like when I can’t find grown up shoes that fit, but I am thrilled that I can fit into this pattern.  The waistband sits right at the top of my hip. Perfect.  The pant leg is wide enough to go over my knee brace comfortably. 

Because I know my sewing readers will want to see this, I am including a photo of the backside.  (That is true devotion, folks)  The angle makes look wider than I really am, but it was the best I could do. Please forgive the wrinkles.  The photo shoot was after a long day of work.

The waistband curves to fit beautifully. It does not gap when I sit or bend over.  It is not tight, but does not sag. 

Because children’s patterns are drafted for a straight figure, I made my usual adjustment.  I traced the pattern for my hip measurement and tapered in for the waist.  I also took in an extra inch in the center back seam to accommodate for my sway back.  These are the same adjustments I always make to Ottobre’s children’s patterns.  The consistent drafting allows me to do this with confidence that the end product will fit. 

This pattern will be used again and again.  I have a piece of black denim which just might be up next on the cutting board. 

Does the red shirt look a little familiar?  :)  This outfit is perfect for teaching.  I was incredibly comfortable, everything was covered up, and I still looked somewhat professional. 


11 Responses to "At Last"

Teri..the pants are great..and look really fab with the red top!

That is a great outfit. The pants lovely lovely. But where is your face? g

Excellent pants! BTW, neither picture makes you look wide – you’re such a goof! Yay Ottobre!!! 🙂

My 13yo was interested in those pants. She’s bigger than I am, but still has that straight figure. It’s so hard to find clothes for her because of that.

I’m beginning to suspect that it’s hard to find clothes that fit ANYONE, though.

Great job! Wonderful fit.

It looks like you did a great job on the pants. The red top looks really great with the pants.

The whole outfit looks very nice and professional. For perspective, how tall are you?

Reply to Karen: The better question is “how short.” 🙂 I am just under 5 feet tall. I have long limbs which gives the illusion that I am taller.

Nice! What fabric is that? They do look very comfortable and the fit is great. Lucky you to be able to wear patterns out of all 6 Ottobre issues every year! I might have to cut back to just the Women’s.

Reply to Sue: The fabric is a twill that has been aging in my stash forever. These were intended to be a wearable muslin. It isn’t my favorite fabric, but I still end up wearing these pants about once a week.

Teri, I love them both. The shirt and the pants. What size do you make? 170cm? The pants look great on you. Great work as usual.

Reply to Jeannine: I make a 164 for length and a 158 for the hip. I take in the waist to a 152, plus another inch out of the center back. It sounds complicated, but I can do it in my sleep now.

Really terrific. I need to get to where I can make pants that fit without reinventing the wheel every time.

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