Rainy Day Reading

Posted on: 14 March, 09

What Was I Thinking by Annie Earley

It is a cold, dreary weekend.  Temperature is in the 30’s and it is raining.  All weekend.  It is the perfect weather to do some reading and sewing.  The cold, wet weather is making my knee hurt.  (Geesh, that sounds so elderly.)  I curled by the fireplace with a blanket and this book. 

“Light read” is an understatement.  Given the title and the cover, I thought this would be a humorous look at dating after a divorce.  There were a couple of chuckle moments, but most of the book was dating “tips.”  Even the tips were not earth shattering news, don’t give out your home phone number or address with an online dating service, meet at public place for the first date, listen to your instincts, etc.  I suppose the information would be helpful to someone who has been out of the dating scene for a long time and is unfamiliar with basic internet safety. 

Why did I read this book?  No, I am not planning on getting back into the dating scene.  Hubski and I are just fine.  This was an Advanced Reader’s Copy that I don’t particularly remember singing up for.  Weird.  It was a short book and I will read just about anything, so I thought “Why not?” 

Tomorrow will be a sewing day.  A new American Girl catalog came in the mail today, which is putting me in the mood to do some doll sewing.  It is such a good thing I do not have a little girl.  I want to buy everything in that catalog. 


1 Response to "Rainy Day Reading"

ooooo. We have Kit Kittredge, but she was a gift, so we don’t get the catalog. What’s the newest and best in doll fashion? So far I’ve only ventured into the world of sleepwear and aprons, but I’m having fun making beautiful little things.

Reply to Salinda: You can sign up for the catalog on the AG website. I love getting the catalog. Great source of inspiration for sewing. As for styles of clothing, some people like to dress their doll in clothing of her historical time period. I am all over the place. I do some historical styles, some ethnic, some modern. It depends on what fabrics are in my stash. I often use fabric left over from my own garment sewing. Sometimes, I will make a miniature version of my garment for the doll. Other times, I think about styles that would be appropriate for a 10 year old girl, since that is the approximate implied age of the dolls.

The fun thing about doll sewing is anything goes. The doll never complains about the color, fit, or fabrics. She never argues about the length of the skirt or tells me it is too babyish. 🙂 I have two boys, no girls. Doll sewing lets me have the fun of sewing for a girl without all the backtalk.

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