More Bars in More Places

Posted on: 17 March, 09

This is true unless you were in my neighborhood this weekend.  On Saturday, we all noticed our cell phone signals were weak.  By Saturday morning, signals were virtually gone.  Sunday was a quiet day.  No phones ringing or chirping or buzzing.  There had been lots of rain, so we assumed when the weather cleared, we would get our signals again.  Through this all, C’s phone had the best signal because he has a Nokia.  FYI, Nokias totally rock for signal strength, but you pay the price in battery life.  Monday morning, Hubski goes off to work, where he has a signal.  J goes to off to high school, where he has a signal.  I drive C to the middle school and notice that I, too, now have a signal.  Woo hoo! 

My elation was shattered when I returned home to discover the signal was gone.  I called AT&T who said there were no outages in the area, so it must be a bad SIM card.  Though it was not on the agenda, I drove to the AT&T store to get a new SIM card.  The sales clerk very quickly replaced the SIM card and said it would take a few minutes to fully activate.  While I was waiting, another woman came in with a very similar story.  Another sales clerk said she was working on Sunday when 25 people came in because their phones were not working, all in the same geographic area.  She called in a report about a tower outage.  I do not know why AT&T did not know this when I called, but I immediately jumped into the conversation.  She called tech support and I helped them pinpoint where the signal was lost.  They thanked me for my information and promised to text me when the tower was repaired. 

Late Monday afternoon, I got a phone call from AT&T.  I nearly jumped out of my skin when the phone rang because it had been silent for so long.  They were letting me know the problem had been resolved and crediting my account for the lost time.  Woo hoo!  A text message popped up, as promised, a little later.

Since I am not shy about bashing companies that give terrible service, it is only fair to share stories about good service.  I was not happy about the miscommunication in the beginning.  However, I was very pleased that people returned phone calls as promised and seemed to genuinely want to help.  I understand that equipment breaks down and it can take time to repair.  Overall, I was pleased AT&T. 

Tech support did share with me that my house on the edge of a tower’s span.  Usually, the towers will overlap in their service areas a bit so if one goes down, another one can pick up the slack.  Our little town is very “green” and has lots of restrictions about where towers can be built.  AT&T finally convinced them to allow the construction of another tower.  I am for being green, but don’t mess with my cell phone service. 


2 Responses to "More Bars in More Places"

I know how much you love your Blackberry. That must have been awful to be cutoff for so long.

It was a rough weekend. I did honestly get in the car and drive to an area with service a few times. Sad, I know. 🙂

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