Give Me Some Space

Posted on: 19 March, 09

Subbing is bit like house sitting. I move into another teacher’s space for the day. I don’t snoop, but sometimes it is hard to not see things.

This little snack packet caught my eye. Is it “squids lice” or “squid slice”? Either way, I was not in the least bit tempted to try it.

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4 Responses to "Give Me Some Space"

either way…YUK I have a chinese friend who eats what I would consider weird things. She took me to an authentic chinese restaurant and had me try chicken feet. They may have been good if I could’ve gotten my brain to quick picturing where those feet had been.

Sliced up and dried squid. Oddly enough, it’s delicious, but I might just think so because I was raised by a Korean mother. A lot of dried fish is super tasty to snack on.

Reply to Kitten: Gee, I think I will take your word for it. πŸ™‚ Hubski, who travels to Asia fairly often said some of the dried fish snacks are rather yummy. Again, I’ll pass. There is a dried seaweed thing he brings home from Japan that I like…once in a while.

I took a peek at your blog. Adorable. That baby is positively scrumptious! If you need any help sewing, just drop me a note. Looks like you are doing great.

Were you subbing in my husband’s classroom? It looks like something he would have to snack on! LOL!

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