275 Voices

Posted on: 20 March, 09

The photo is terrible, but somewhere in that mass of people is J. Tonight was the *big* choral concert. The choirs from the three high schools in the district came together to perform with a famous conductor and four soloists. I say that they are famous only because that is what I have been told. I know nothing of the world of choral music. My role in this production was to feed them all dinner. The students, all 275 of them, met at the concert hall at 9 a.m. To begin the final rehearsal. With only a short lunch break, they were ravenous by the time I saw for dinner at 5:30. Actually, I heard them first. You could honestly hear the thundering herd as they approached the dining hall. Even though there was 275 starving teenagers, they incredibly polite and considerate. After dinner, it was time to get and get last minute directions. Though I am not a fan of choral music, there was no denying the talent and dedication. It was pretty amazing to see 275 teenagers come together and create something beautiful.

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2 Responses to "275 Voices"

I have always found choir students to be polite in general. I think it has to do with standing up there to sing with no instrument between you and the audience–nothing to blame if there’s a problem! Choir teachers spend more time than other music teachers on presenting oneself to the audience. I distinctly remember teaching my boys’ choir (and everyone else, too) to say, “thank you” when someone said they sang well. I try to remind my fellow sewing enthusiasts of the same thing (“see here where the seam is wonky?” “I didn’t match corners here.” “The buttonhole thread doesn’t match.”)–just say thank you!

Please name the conductor (drop names!). Just wondering.

Sounds like a fabulous experience. The school is lucky to have a mom like you to help make these experiences possible for the students.

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