All Dolled Up

Posted on: 21 March, 09

Since spring is a little slow getting started around here, a trench coat is the perfect solution until the weather warms up.  Since I already have a fabulous Ottobre trench, my doll needed one, too.  The thought of drafting one from scratch or trying to scale down the Ottobre pattern for the girl’s trench made me cringe.  Why do all of that when JoAnn Fabrics had the McCall Patterns on sale for 99 cents?  McCall 5775 has the most adorable little trench.  They did the sample in silver lame’.  I would rather poke my eye out with a stick than try to sew that tiny notched collar in lame’. 

I found a red and white print cotton in my scrap box.  It is paired with a short sleeve blue knit top and navy trousers.  It doesn’t quite scream “spring,” but neither does our weather.  Until the temps warm up considerable, it just seems wrong to wear bright, sunny colors. 

The pattern was easy to sew.  Well, as easy as one can expect for doll clothes.  The tiny notched collar was the hardest part.  The pattern recommended ornamental buttons, with snaps for the actual closure.  I made buttonholes so the buttons would be functional.  For small fingers, the buttons will be just as easy as itty bitty snaps.  I considered lining the trench.  I stopped myself.  It is just doll clothes.  Though, if I had a great lining fabric scrap, I totally would have fussed with the lining because I am just that ridiculous. 

I know my doll needs shoes, or socks at the very least.  One day I might spring for shoes.  The problem is I would want a whole wardrobe of shoes, shoes to match each outfit.  That might be crossing the line into “Crazy Doll Lady” territory. 

As long as I am confessing my Crazy Doll Lady tendencies, another one surfaced while planning this outfit.  In all of my scraps, I do not have very many pieces that are well suited to doll sewing.  The scale is wrong or I don’t have enough.  Clothes for 18” dolls takes almost as much as sewing for a baby.  If I start buying fabric specifically for doll sewing, does that put me squarely in Crazy Doll Lady territory?


7 Responses to "All Dolled Up"

Oh, then I must be a Crazy Doll Lady – I always scour the remnant bin for fun fabrics for my dolls’ clothes!
Cute coat – i must go see if I have that pattern!

Reply to Sue: You just might be a Crazy Doll Lady too. 🙂 The pattern is a really good one. I have a little tunic cut out to sew up next.

OMGosh..thank-goodness Willow and Bella aren’t into dolls..can you imagine me sewing all those matching doll outfits ? LOL!

Your doll clothes are adorable…especially this little trench…too cute! And are not crazy…just creative 🙂

If you’re crazy to buy fabrics specifically for doll clothes, then I’m REALLY crazy for buying fabrics just because they look cool. I’m headed into the fabric for doll clothes realm, though, because Maeve has expressed a desire to sew for her American Girls (all 6 of them).

Okay, now that you’ve taken the first steps down that slippery slope, try to find some socks and shoes for that doll. Although you just missed their shoe sale, darn the luck.

Vogue used to have a pattern for AG footwear, I think. No clue if they still do.

Too cute! Those doll outfits and accessories can become very addicting!

Very cute. I have purchased remnants at Joann’s for doll clothes and I have appropriate fabric in my stash. LOL. I’ve also made doll slippers from one of my patterns.

Too cute for words. Can you make one for me. Love the jacket. She looks so elegant – tres chic!

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