The Reader

Posted on: 22 March, 09

It was “Educator’s Weekend” at Borders.  Teachers received a 25% discount on all books.  That was all the excuse I needed to go to a bookstore.  Naturally, I used my discount to buy books for the boys.  Of course, they started reading their books as soon as we got into the car.  In an hour, J announced, “Well, done with that one.  Onto the second book.”  Yes, he finished a 240 page novel in one hour.  That is four pages a minute.  Granted, it was a James Patterson novel that is not exactly lofty reading, but I was still amazed.  The boy is a reading freak of nature. 

At the day long choral rehearsal, J tossed a few books in his backpack just in case he had time to read.  At the dinner break, as soon as he was finished eating, he pulled out a book to read.  Amidst the commotion of 275 teenagers laughing and talking, he read The Odyssey.  The choral director asked if he was reading for fun.  J replied, “Isn’t all reading fun?” 

I have no idea how he learned to read, much less learned to read so fast.  I read to him when he was a baby, but no more than many parents do.  As soon as he could grasp, he would grab his bedtime story book and tuck under his little head as slept in his crib.  He did not have a favorite blanket or stuffed animal.  No, it was always a book.  As long as he had a book, he would drift off, peacefully, to sleep.

I would love to know how many books he has read in his life thus far.  He usually reads a book a day.  On weekends and during vacations, the number skyrockets.  He remembers them all.  He is absolutely no fun at a movie based on a book he has read.  He remembers every last detail.  Any inconsistency with the book is pointed out and dissected.  I wish I could read even half as fast as he does. 


2 Responses to "The Reader"

So what James Patterson did he read? E is almost finished book 4 of the Twilight series so he is looking for his next reading experience!

You have the most amazing sons! 4 pages a minute is unreal. That will be a great skill to have when he goes to college.

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