Tiny Tip

Posted on: 25 March, 09

Sewing doll clothes is quite different than sewing people clothes.  I will try to share some tips as I sew doll clothes. Today’s tip is to photocopy the really small pattern pieces that just might get lost. 

I trim all the little facings, collar pieces, cuffs, etc.  Then I make a photocopy.  The photocopy sheet goes in the folder with the instructions and larger pieces.  The tiny pieces go in a letter envelope, and then into the folder.  If a little piece happens to get lost somewhere along the way, no worries because the photocopy is still there.  It is much easier to keep up with a full sheet of paper.  This can work with patterns for things other than dolls, any pattern than has little, bitty pieces.


3 Responses to "Tiny Tip"

I use a ziploc bag when I’m making doll clothes. Before anything gets cut, the fabric (usually scraps) and the trims (again, scraps) go into the bag so that I don’t accidently throw them away. Then after I cut, every piece goes back into the bag.

BTW, have you seen the retro apron book for girls that also has a super cute doll apron. I can’t recall the name of it right this second, but I’ve reviewed it recently on my blog.

Happy Thursday!

That’s a terrific idea. Thank you.

Very clever idea!

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