If Dolls Could Talk

Posted on: 26 March, 09

When will I learn to listen to my instincts?  I thought this one looked a little babyish on the pattern envelope, but I made it anyway.  Josie is wearing it, but given that she does not have moveable joints or opposable thumbs, there is not much she can do about it.  She is stuck in whatever I put on her until I decide to take it off. 

The pattern is McCalls 5775.  The tunic fabric is a rayon batik.  The leggings are scrap of knit that fell out of the basket as I pulled out the rayon.  It was one of those “oh, wow, these two fabrics go together” moments. 

The tunic is just too “cutsy” for me.  It reminds me of the type of dress a toddler would wear.  The puff sleeves could be part of the problem.  It does not seem age appropriate for the doll.  I know… “how does one determine a doll’s age?”  I don’t know for sure, but the American Girl biographies on the different dolls suggests that they are around 9 or 10 years old.  Is this an outfit that a 9 year old would wear? 

The yoke is fully faced and not easy to sew.  However, I do like the clean finish it gives to the inside.  My biggest issue with sewing doll clothes is achieving the same level of “tidy insides” that I get with regular clothing.  I just cannot manage some of those tiny seams on the serger.  I use a zig zag to finish ravel-prone fabrics, but that doesn’t look “finished” enough for me. 

The leggings are a good pattern, but how hard is it draft a leggings pattern for a doll?  I will probably make more leggings to go with other things.

Josie’s lips can’t move, but if they could, she would say, “Mom, seriously.  I look like I am three.  I don’t want to a be a hoochie mama, but I would like to look like I am out of diapers.  Can we step it up a notch?  By the way, nobody sees the insides.  Stop stressing.”  Actually, she wouldn’t say it.  She would text it. 


9 Responses to "If Dolls Could Talk"

wow – that’s the pattern I was going to use for my doll this weekend and now that I’ve seen yours, will definitely try something else! Julie is supposed to be a child of the 70s but she would have looked like a toddler of the 70s!

Thanks for the review!

Actually, I think she’s right in style. All those “baby doll” tops have been popular for quite a while now. In fact, I noticed just recently that the “baby doll” look is still going strong in the stores.

Does she have an IPhone?

I asked my local experts, and they thought the top looked okay, but a little “plump” — that is, it sticks out too shapelessly. They wondered if some gathers on the torso/waist would do the trick (I think it would be too bulky, but, hey, who knows). Or, if it were shorter it might look better.

We also discussed whether or not it would fit a BItty Baby, since they wear almost the same size clothing. We don’t own any Bitty Babies, though, so we’re not sure about that.

The leggings got a thumbs up.

I think she would text you:

Hey mom gthr the frnt to a tie blt & tie it in bck. Tht wld be sick!

Thnx for the new clothes

(But she would only text that last part because she’s a doll.)

I think the fabric makes the top. A cute little calico print would be very toddler-y, but the cool rayon batik makes it. You could probably get away with just tying a belt around it and forget the gathering (she *is* a doll, after all). Maybe a belt that ties in front with dangly ends, slung low around whatever hips she might have.

Well, Twirly Girl (who is 9) has been standing here admiring Josie’s new outfit, for what that’s worth. A belt or sash wouldn’t hurt, imho.

Maybe belting or sashing would help?

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I personally love it. Like the newer version too.

I didn’t think it was bad — thought it was supposed to be one of those “baby doll” tops that they’re wearing — so it makes them *all* look like toddlers, but hey — its the style LOL!

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