Tunic #2

Posted on: 27 March, 09

I dug every little scrap of the rayon batik out of the trash and this is what I came up with.

The pattern is my own.  It did not take long to draft or sew.  This style is a little more grown up.  Now all she needs is a cute pair of sandals. 

Thanks for all the comments about the other tunic.  I tried a couple of belt options, but there is just too much fullness to pull in. 

Josie is much happier with this outfit.


10 Responses to "Tunic #2"

I have to agree with Josie. This outfit is much better! 🙂

Just as all girls, she has a mind of her own!

Yes, Josie this is much better. Great job, teri.

Josie has good taste!

My 9yo gasped and said, “That is SO CUTE!” when she saw it.

That is so cute. Hopefully I will find myself in the sewing mood pretty soon. I am resting peacefully at the moment.

Josie is growing up…. 🙂

That is such a smashing ensemble !

Yes, much better!

Just got Mccalls #3469 at the Joann’s sale – it has sandals, boots, tennis shoes, slippers, a purse, a backpack, and a hat, scarf, and mittens! I think Josie needs to expand her shoe wardrobe now!

Great job re-working this outfit. A tutorial on the top pattern you made up would be wonderful. And you’ve inspired me to maybe do some new outfits with batiks. My oldest always loves that section of the quilt shop the most.

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