Touch of Asia

Posted on: 28 March, 09

Josie is extremely happy with this dress.  The fabric is a knit from the bottom of my scrap basket.  The wrap bodice was definitely inspired by all of the Ottobre Design wrap style tops.  The fabric had a bit of an Asian flair, so I added the black band to suggest an obi.  Drafting this pattern was so much fun.  I have some ideas for a few variations. 

I would love to take a class on pattern drafting.  Being able to create the puzzle pieces that make a garment is my favorite part of sewing.  I love the design part of the process. 


7 Responses to "Touch of Asia"

So glad Josie is happy 😉 Beautiful fabric placement on this dress! You’re certainly getting lots of practice drafting patterns, I’d love to do a pattern drafting course sometime too.
All the best

Lovely looking dress. Are you tempted to make one for yourself too?

As to pattern drafting. Have you read any Winifred Aldrich books? Your local library may have a copy. I find them to be very good, and I know they are often used as the text book in pattern drafting courses.

Reply to Fiona: Yes, I would definitely wear this dress. Wish I had more of the fabric to make one for myself. I would love to get my hands on the Winifred Aldrich books, my local library is lame. They don’t have it and can’t get it. Such is life in a small town…

This is great — I love the way you managed placement of the fabric design — pretty slick job for working with scraps!

This looks great and I like it better than the AG clothes from the catalog. I don’t think they have anything quite this cute. I may have to start working on some clothes for my daughter’s dolls when I’m not doing Ottobre patterns for her!

Josie has a better wardrobe than mine!

I’m impressed! I just love looking at AG doll clothes. This is so nice – I think ‘Felicity’ wants one too!


So cute! Isn’t it amazing how you can make AG clothes out of the tiniest of scraps.

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