Fear Not, Martha

Posted on: 30 March, 09

Hubski was not going to be home for dinner.  The boys were up to their necks in homework and I had to be out the door to a meeting in only minutes.  Dinner had to be whatever could be heated up quickly or eaten cold.  I told J to keep working on his homework and I would toss his dinner in the microwave.  When the microwave beeped, I told him his dinner was ready.  When he pulled it out, he said, β€œI thought you cooked this?  It is still cold and congealed.” 

I had set the timer on the microwave, instead of actually turning on the microwave.  Apparently, even reheating food is beyond my culinary abilities.  Martha has nothing to worry about.  I have no chance of usurping her position as a domestic goddess. 


2 Responses to "Fear Not, Martha"

Giggle, could happen to anyone! I look forward to the weekends when DH cooks on the BBQ, I think the kids do too πŸ˜‰

Dontcha hate when you do things like that ?
Martha doesn’t have to worry about me either – LOL !

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