Six Degrees of Separation

Posted on: 31 March, 09

When I picked up J from school, he said, “You won’t believe the day I had.”  In history class, he was assigned to do a paper on John Locke, the British philosopher.  His ideas were in conflicted with the French philosopher, Rene’ Descartes.  In algebra class, J began a unit on Cartesian geometry.  (Yes, they are studying geometry in algebra class because that particular form of geometry relies heavily on algebra, but I digress….)  It just so happens that today is Descartes’ birthday.  It also happens to be the birthday of Joseph Haydn, who composed a piece that J is working on for chorus. 

J said all the twisty connections during the day made him feel like he was in an episode of the television show Lost… where one of his favorite characters is named John Locke. 

You would think all of these connections would be the result of teachers coordinating their lessons plans.  Nope.  It was simply random coincidence that brought it all together. 


2 Responses to "Six Degrees of Separation"

As usual a teacher has no idea about anything whatsoever. Love the blog. come and see us sometime

Ah, and Locke will be on next week’s episode, as I just saw the coming attractions! Now we know where Aaron is!

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