Posted on: 1 April, 09

It hasn’t been an easy decision, but I am done. 

My boys have outgrown momma made clothes. 

My closet is beyond full. 

My agenda is even fuller. 

I just cannot seem to make room for sewing anymore. 

It is time to pack up the fabric and machines to make a whopping donation somewhere. 

It has been a good ride, but it is over. 











April Fool’s…  Like I would ever actually give up sewing.  The day I give up sewing, is the day I give up breathing.


15 Responses to "Done"

Hahaha Teri! I think you had me going for about 2 seconds and then I thought, NO WAY she’d do that!!! 🙂

I think that might be an April’s Fool. At least I am hoping

Hmmm, I didn’t even think for a minute that you were serious! Silly girl – good gag 🙂 g

LOL, for a moment the world fell apart for me! There were all sorts of suggestions running through my head, phew what a relief it’s April Fool’s Day!!

Yea, I was so right. Very good joke.

Wow–I was scared there for a minute! Give up sewing? That would be like–life changing!

You got me! …..Good one 🙂

Ha ha good one!

Whew! You got me good.

OK, you got me BUT I read it through bloglines on April 2nd. I was panicked thinking – who will keep us on topic on ottobre 🙂 I am glad it was a joke!

I guess I’m gullible, I fell for it. I’m so glad it isn’t true.

Whew! You scared me for a moment!

ODG teri, I believed you for a moment. I’m reading this on April 2 so April fool’s day was already gone from my brain.

Whew … I’m glad it was only and April Fools … I’d sure miss your lovely sewing blog posts if you gave up. You sure had me worried!

That was a nasty joke. All I could think of is that you really messed something up! Thank goodness you were joking!

I have not been sewing over the last three weeks, and believe it or not I have not missed it as much as I thought I would. Of course, my life has been incredibly busy, and sewing is no fun when your brain is boggled with other thoughts.

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