Project Runway Season 6

Posted on: 4 April, 09

NBC and Bravo have finally worked out their differences.  (Read:  Lots of money changed hands, much which ended up in the pockets of lawyers.)  Word on the street is that we will finally get to see Season 6 of Project Runway, but not until August 15th.  Will it be somewhat anticlimactic since these episodes have been in the can for months?  Will the fashion still be innovative and modern even though they will be a year old before we see them?  No matter how delayed, I will watch.  If for no other reason, I will watch for the sheer joy of watching Tim Gunn.  The one commercial I will not fast forward through is Tim Gunn’s commercial for Tide.  Yes, I am utterly ridiculous. 

While anxiously awaiting the return of Tim, I will check out Isaac.  Bravo is, in essence, replacing Project Runway with “The Fashion Show.”  Isaac Mizrahi and Kelly Rowland will be the co-hosts.  The Fashion Show will feature professional designers who face off in design challenges.  In addition to trying to win the judges’ votes, they will also vie for the studio audience’s vote.  Hmmm, Project Runway with a dash of American Idol.  Yes, I will watch it because it is about fashion design and Isaac Mizrahi is rather witty and very talented.  I find it a little ironic that he is doing a knock off of Tim Gunn’s Project Runway considering their collaborative efforts on the Liz Claiborne line. 


4 Responses to "Project Runway Season 6"

Hooray! Count me in. I was watching reruns yesterday of Project Runway. Glad it’s coming back. I’m anxious to see Issac’s new show also.

I am psyched, but, gosh, why do we have to wait so long?

I can hardly wait. Project Runway is my favorite. I’ll watch the Bravo show also. When do the shows air? I love Tim, Heidi, Nina, and Micheal. This is the best news I’ve had today!


That’s great news. I can hardly wait!

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