Karma, Baby

Posted on: 6 April, 09

I have no idea what sort of wormhole, time rift, tear in the space time continuum we went through, but I am not old enough to have a child who drives.  When the lady at the DMV asked if I have been a licensed driver for at least five years, I honestly paused for a moment to calculate.

Let me start the story from the beginning.  When I called the DMV to make an appointment to bring J in to get his learner’s permit, the woman on the phone was absolutely precious.  She told me I would need to bring five things.  She rattled off the list of the four documents needed.  “And the fifth you will need, mom, is patience.  Lots and lots of patience with that young man.”  The entire conversation was peppered with “honey” and “bless your heart.”  I was so hoping she would be the person who would test J at the DMV.

It was a good thing we had an appointment.  J was quickly whisked to back and I was left standing in the tiny waiting room… literally standing.  Everyone of the rickety, metal folding chairs was taken.  Several of the chairs were occupied by teenagers… young, healthy teenagers.  No one offered me a seat, despite the big, black knee brace which was clearly visible since I was wearing a skirt.  Apparently, they all chose to ignore that I limped into the DMV office.  Manners, people, manners.

Fortunately, there is also a little thing called Karma.  When I called to make the appointment, the precious lady told me that I could not get my license renewed at the same time J got his learner’s permit because they only had one appointment slot open.  No doubling up on services in one appointment.  I said, “Fine, I take care of my renewal another day” since I still have six weeks before it expires.  As I was attempting to figure out a way to lower myself to the ground without flashing everyone in my short skirt, a DMV clerked popped her head around the corner and called me back.  “Mom, do you want to renew license while he is taking his test?”  This clerk was delightful, too.  While she was processing my paperwork, she admitted that she decided to bend the rules and renew my license because “those teenagers didn’t have the decency to offer a seat to woman in need.”  Karma, baby.

J passed his test, took his photo, and walked out with a learner’s permit.  It was raining rather hard when we left, so I did not hand over the car keys.  However, about half way home, the skies clear.  I pulled over and let him drive the rest of the way.  He did okay.  He still needs lots of practice, but he will be just fine.  However, when we got home, I wondered to myself if 4 p.m. was too early for an adult beverage.

J will be a good driver.  He is responsible and careful.  He has a healthy respect for the power of an automobile.  J is also a kind, respectful, and compassionate person.  Being a good person will not necessarily make him a good driver, but hopefully he has some good Karma watching out for him.


10 Responses to "Karma, Baby"

I remember my first time behind the wheel of my dad’s car. He and my mom drove me to a cemetary and I was only allowed to go forward and reverse for about 100 yards in either direction, using a stick shift, and only getting up to second gear, I think. That was it. LOL.

I did a similar thing with my daughters in a parking lot. I taught them on a stick shift too. 🙂

Love the story of the DMV clerk. How sweet they were to you!

This is only the beginning. Wait until you are standing at the front pew of your church, looking at your handsom son, the groom, and seeing the woman walk down the aisle who stands beside him, where you once were.

Think of that.

Welcome to the next step in parenting, Teri. It is exciting, scary and unbelievable all at the same time. Also, great when they have their license and can run to the store for bread or milk!! Your DMV takes appointments? Wow, how wonderful.

So glad to hear karma was working for you today 🙂

Congratulations to your son. Woo hoo! My eldest is a learner and today was the first time she drove on a ‘real’ road. She also comments on what a responsibility it is to be in control of a vehicle. I’m sure she’ll be fine after a lot of practice 🙂 I’m in for more grey hair this year, LOL.

Hey, I keep a very small bottle of bourbon for those special “mommy moments”, so you are welcome to join me for a drink anytime. LOL.

I think that day at the DMV is the same day my gray hairs started coming in faster. DS#1 is 20 now (and you think YOU feel old) and has been driving 5+ years. Long enough to think he knows everything and is the World’s Best Driver. That worries me more than DS#2 who at 17 has only had his real driver’s license a year and is still more cautious (but I see that fleeting lately too). At least they wear seat belts at all times, so that’s something, right? 😉 But it really is so handy when they can take themselves home from football practice, play rehearsals and fetch me the green peppers from the farm stand that I always seem to run out of.

Hugs…. Glad you found a great clerk to help you out.

How I love that karma worked for you! If you think it’s bad to see teenagers not offering up their seat to you with your knee brace, imagine how flabbergasted I was a few years back when I went to an informational meeting regarding deployment to Iraq for my husband’s battalion. A VERY pregnant woman came in and all of the seats were taken – a good many of them by able-bodied soldiers, most of whom were married and many of whom have multiple children. Not one of them got up to offer her a seat. After a few moments I got up and told her to take my seat while I sat on the floor. Not one soldier offered me a seat, either. I swear some people have no idea what manners are these days.

Thank goodness that clerk was on the ball.

Our son just completed the 50 hours of driving with a parent. I loved having my own chauffer. He was also my personal shopping assistant. I haven’t loaded groceries into or out of my car in months. I enjoyed the company and the experience. He and I had several adventures along the way and I was very guilty of stomping on the invisible brake pedal on numerous occasions. He nicknamed me, Thumper!

Last week he turned sixteen and is now driving solo.

I have also had pleasant experiences recently in DMV. It was quite a surprise. NYS has “enhanced” drivers license- better than a license, but not a passport. It speeds your entrance and return to Canada. Since we can throw a ball and hit Canada, this is important. Our sports teams play there a lot and waiting at the border is ugly.
We now have a DMV in town hall and there is never a line. Getting a new license, including an online Homeland Security check took less than 15 minutes. They also let me keep the photo from age 35, instead of insisting that age 50 me get a new one. I could not believe what a pleasant experience I had. They have really gotten their act together.
Oldest son has been driving – always my car- for over a year. He is a good driver and I don’t worry much about him. The next son will start driving in June. He is not as careful and I will pull my hair out. But they put gas in the car and I no longer have to play mom taxi.

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