Blackberry: Not Just a Phone, a Lifestyle

Posted on: 8 April, 09

Today was further proof that the Blackberry is perfect for me.  I have the calendar set to the “agenda” view which only shows my next 5-7 events.  I never gave this much thought until today.  Being home for spring break has been the perfect time to catch up on desk stuff, like synching my Blackberry to my computer.  I happened to pull up my calendar on the computer and it scared me just a little bit.  We have two months until the end of the school and each day is bulging with activities, appointments, and commitments.  I just might need to be committed before it is all over.  I much prefer looking at my calendar on the Blackberry because it only shows my next few appointments.  That seems so much more manageable.  Seeing weeks and weeks of jammed packed day was a little horrifying.  The Blackberry lets me deal with it all in little bits, which is all I can handle most days. 

After a particular aggravating day, I went to my neighbor’s house for a little Tyra Time.  Nothing like some reality TV to help one escape from reality.  An ad came on for an event in our area.  We talked about going and my neighbor said she would call tomorrow to find out details and ticket prices.  I instinctively reached for my Blackberry to look up because waiting twelve hours to access information seemed so archaic.  Instant gratification is what we need!  Imagine my shock (and feelings of withdrawal) when I remembered that I left my Blackberry at home to recharge.  When Clay Aiken showed up as a guest judge on American’s Next Top Model, we both said, “OMG, I wonder Danielle is watching!” because she is an avid Clay Aiken fan, which is an endless source of teasing.  I said I would text her, but alas, no Blackberry.  I was starting to get a little twitchy thinking of my beloved Blackberry all the way across the street.  I don’t think it has ever been that far away from since I got it. 


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oh, you are addicted, my friend!

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