Hug Your Machine

Posted on: 9 April, 09

A friend is trying to update/upgrade her wardrobe due to recent weight loss.  We spent the afternoon at the mall checking out the spring fashions and trying things on.  I came home and hugged my machine.  Clothes are expensive!  That may not be a new revelation to many of you, but it is to me.  Since I make 99.9% of my clothes, I don’t really look at price tags in the mall.  She was trying to find a simple black skirt.  $79 and the fabrics were terrible.  In my head, I was saying, “Wow, I could make that with a yard of fabric, a Ottobre pattern in a couple of hours, and for a lot less than $79.”  In the entire mall, we did not find one single black skirt that was even a remote possibility.  I love being able to pull fabric from stash and a Ottobre magazine to create whatever I want.  In the time we dragged around the mall, I could have made the skirt.  Granted, we laughed a great deal as we dragged around the mall.  The expedition was more about spending time together than it was about acquiring clothing.  Nonetheless, it reminded how lucky I am that I can sew, that I am not at the mercy of the mall. 


4 Responses to "Hug Your Machine"

Well said! I just wish I was better at making time to sew for me!

Yes I feel exactly the same way. When I need new clothes I go out to the shops and then end up coming home to sew, unbelievable prices for what you’re getting, LOL!!!

I will agree…. And I also understand the difficulty of replacing a wardrobe due to weight loss. Congrats to your friend.

I can generally find what I’m looking for in my sewing room – a pattern and some fabric. The fabric may get to be a little more difficult if its not in my stash as my local store is closing 😦

I hear ya’! It’s unbelievabe the prices of clothes. Even if I bought clothes, I would have to remake them to fit. I am so blessed to be able to make my own things.

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