Time Sink

Posted on: 11 April, 09

Well, that is thirty minutes of my life I will never get back.  I wanted to take a photo of the shorts I made for J this afternoon.  The camera battery needed to be recharged.  I plugged it in, but by the time it was fully charged, the sun had gone down.  I should have known that trying to photograph dark brown fabric without natural light was a waste of time, yet I wasted time anyway.  To add to the fun, when replacing the battery, some of the camera settings were accidentally changed.  Since I don’t even know what half of the settings mean, trying to get the flash to work meant even more time wasted.  I took photos, trying different backgrounds and different rooms.  All were too dark.  It finally occurred to me that this photo session was simply a time sink. When the sun comes up, I shall try again.  The shorts look pretty good.  J is quite happy with them, and that is the important thing. 

If I had been smart, I would have spent that time sewing instead of beating a dead horse. 


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I swear last night I saw brown shorts. – hmmmm g

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