In the Light of Day

Posted on: 12 April, 09

Even with daylight, the photo still isn’t great.  Sorry.  I tried.  Here are the important details:

Pattern:  Ottobre 02/04 #38

Fabric: Brown brushed twill

All of J’s shorts are now too short.  In teen boy terms, this means anything that does not cover the knee.  Girls wear shorts that barely cover their backsides and boys want their shorts almost to their ankles and baggy enough for two people.  After we schlepped unsuccessfully through several stores, J asked if I would make shorts for him.  Making boy shorts is not my favorite sewing, but it did not seem RTW was an option.  The boy is about two inches wide, with legs a mile and a half long.  We are calling him “Spidey” these days.  He is all legs.

Without any men’s patterns at home, I turned to my trusty stash of Ottobre and my drafting supplies.  Since he is not a great deal wider than the measurements for boys size 170, scaling up did not seem like a big deal.  I used a pair of shorts that still fit in the waist and hips for comparison.  Then, I added the necessary length.

Why don’t I like sewing boy shorts?  Beige, brown, grey, snore.  I like topstitching, but boy shorts have a ridiculous amount of topstitching.  Brown thread on brown pants… more snore.  J likes his clothes very understated so there will no contrasting or fun colors for topstitching.  Fabrics will be plain.  No crazy plaids.  If that is what he is happy wearing, I have no objection.  I am thrilled that he is not caught up in wearing certain labels and he does not insist on shopping at certain stores.  If the necessary parts, like knees, are covered, he is happy.  However, sewing for him is not that exciting… until he thanks me for making him clothes that fit.

It looks like I need to invest in a few men’s patterns because I think Spidey is going to be spider like for quite some time.  When the rest of him catches up to those legs… wow.


9 Responses to "In the Light of Day"

Nice job on those shorts. And doesn’t it melt your heart when he likes them and thanks his mom?

The shorts look great and I am sure Spidey appreciates them!

You’re a good mom! 🙂 I have a young baby boy, and I get bored looking through the baby boy clothing. The baby girl clothing is all adorable with fun fabrics. Boys get pushed into boring clothes, colors, and fabrics early in life. It kind of sucks.

The shorts are fantastic! You did a great job but then you always do on whatever you make. I can relate to the skinny and tall boys. My boys are built the same way. Finding a suit that fits all parts of my oldest is out of the question. And my snore sewing is boxer shorts and trunks. boooorrrriiing!

Great job on the shorts. Maybe some day he’ll get into color again; although by then he may not be into mommy made shorts. LOL.

I agree, you are a great mom!

..and just think, when he grows another 2 inches next month, you’ll be sewing for him again 🙂

The heartfelt thank yous are why I do the boring boy sewing. . . 😀 They are much less fickle about what they will wear than Twirly Girl!

Beautiful work as always Teri. Love the color too.

Great job on the shorts! Glad you were able to make something that fit his “needs” 🙂

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