Back in Black

Posted on: 13 April, 09

My friend Allison and I use to sing “Back in Black” by AC/DC while sitting in the back of geometry class.  Needless to say, we were not the teacher’s pets.  Good times, good times, but I digress.

Despite the fact that it is officially spring according to the calendar and the Easter bunny has come and gone, it is still quite chilly.  It is April, mid April at that.  I long to make cute skirts, breezy tops, and floaty dresses.  Instead, I am rummaging the closet for clean jeans and sweaters.  I pulled out a piece of soft lycra that is looks a little bit like corduroy.  It is brushed, but with a slight ribbed effect.  Soft, soft, soft and super stretchy.  These pants are almost as comfortable as wearing jammies.  I used Design #29 from the 01/09 issue of Ottobre Design.  (It is a children’s pattern.  Sorry, ladies.)  Of course, a pocket had to be added so my beloved crackberry can be by my side, literally.  The crackberry is included in the photo for scale.  I did not put a button, snap, or any kind of closure on the pocket so I can be “quick on the draw” when my phone rings.  The pocket is placed about mid-thigh on the outside seam,  a bit of a “cargo pocket” style. 

I have the sneaking suspicion that these will become a favorite.  They are black.  They are soft.  They are stretchy.  They have a pocket.  What’s not to love? 


3 Responses to "Back in Black"

Sounds like fabric to die for! Lovely pants, pockets are so practical 🙂
Would love to know more about what a Blackberry can do!

Those look so soft and comy! Want to come over and help me get over my intimidation of making pants for myself?

Nice pants. Comfy. I don’t think I wore a child’s pattern when I WAS a child! Lucky you!

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