Posted on: 15 April, 09

The cast was sorting out costumes.  A girl says to me and her friend, “They don’t make skirts like this for girls my age so my mom took a size 8 women’s skirt and took it in to make it a size 12 in girls.”  I commented that her mom did a great job and the skirt looked really cute.”  The other girl turns to me, “Hey, after the play is over, you could wear it.  It would probably fit you!” 

It is a wee bit sad that I could get hand me downs from sixth grade girls.  It is an awfully cute little skirt… 


2 Responses to "Backstage"

Hey, a cute skirt offer is a cute skirt offer… :^P
How good that she has a Mom who can do that for her… she’ll always know the benefit of good fitting clothes. Maybe she’ll learn to sew as well!

Take it. A skirt is a skirt, and a free skirt is definitely worth taking. Maybe you can spiff it up somehow, so they won’t recognize it.

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