Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Posted on: 17 April, 09

Since discovering Ottobre Design, I seldom use patterns printed on tissue paper.  What to do with all those old patterns?  Well, I donate mine to the high school sewing department.  As I collect more and more issues of Ottobre, it is getting easier to let go of my old patterns.  The sewing teacher said they can always use patterns, even if they are old and cut.  I need to do another pattern purge.  A fabric purge would not be a bad idea either.  With the budget cuts from the state, schools can use all the help they can get. 

If your local school has cut their sewing programs, what else can you do with your old sewing patterns?  Well, they are made of paper, so there is always the recycling bin. Or you could get crafty.  :) 

Here is a link to some fun ideas for reusing tissue patterns.  I really like the idea of using them as gift wrap.


5 Responses to "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle"

That’s an adorable idea for wrapping paper! Too bad I just got started and have just started to use those tissue patterns. 🙂

Funny, just yesterday I saw gifts wrapped in pattern paper on a picture on Anna Maria Horner’s site and thought it was a great idea. And you could attach these tags! Thanks for sharing the link — lots of fun ideas there, even if seeing all the vintage patterns cut up (for the darling magnets) hurt my heart. 🙂

I saw those posts on Whip Up or Craft and thought it was heresy to deface good patterns. I guess because I’ve always been able to sell my unwanted ones to someone who’ll put them to their intended use. Still not sure how I feel about it, sometimes I look at the recycled projects and think *here’s another useless thing created from a useless thing.* I do like the wrapping paper idea though.

Oh I don’t think I’m ready to let go just yet, LOL. Would never have thought of any of those amazing re-uses!!

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