Posted on: 20 April, 09

When Hubski went to Asia last year, he bought a skirt for me.  He was not really buying a skirt.  He was buying it as potential fabric.  The skirt is huge, but that just means more fabric.  I have pulled out this skirt a zillion times, trying to come to a conclusion on how to use the fabric.  Today, I pulled out a pattern and decided to cut into the fabric. 

According to the pattern envelope, I had plenty of fabric.  Of course, following a pattern is not in my nature.  As I was starting to cut, I had a “bright idea” to change the pattern.  Because this was a skirt and a very fine, slippery silk, trying to lay out pattern pieces on the grainline was a challenge.  Trying to squeak out every inch of the fabric was craziness.  I rearranged pattern pieces, measured, and rearranged some more about a thousand times, but I got it.  I was even able to utilize the pretty border. 

Perhaps I will get to start sewing tomorrow. 


4 Responses to "Puzzling"

I’ll be interested to see what you did with the skirt/fabric. In my sewing group, there are a couple of gals who buy a lot of garments at thrift shops for the sole purspose of tearing them apart and using the fabric.

Oh…I can’t wait to see !

what a good husband you have!

I totally relate! Both to the buying one thing for the purpose of making it into something else and to the game of squeezing something out using every last inch of available material — I’ve composed blog posts in my head about this very thing. When/if you see it on my blog, you’ll know you were the first to know! 🙂

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